Over and over again…

S – If you’re not in love, then how come you haven’t been in any serious relationships since you first met,huh?

H- I don’t really do that.

S – One of you has to have the courage to break this stalemate. You. It’s got to be you, because you’re the gambler.


B – I believe in giving this a chance. Look, I want to give this a shot.

H – You mean us? No, the FBI won’t let us work together as a couple.

B – Don’t do that.That is no reason…

H – No!No!

B – Why?

H – You thought you’re protecting me,but you’re the one who needs protection.

B – Protecting from what?

H – From me. I… I don’t have your kind of open heart.

B – Just give it a chance.That’s all I’m asking.

H – No, you said it yourself. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.


~ por diariodeunaalkoholika en 12/06/2010.


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